How to Leverage and Promote Infographics

Marketing infographics have been a source of great attention for Martech. So much so that I’ve set up Google Alerts for the term infographic and I review them throughout the day. Since infographics have become so popular, the content industry is being overwhelmed with bad infographics… so we’re pretty picky about what we share or don’t share to insure that we’re always providing value. Infographic Basics What is an infographic? 10 reasons infographics should be

Why isn’t Networking in Every Curriculum?

This afternoon I was invited to an incredible lunch and discussion with Indiana Business College Harrison College. Indiana is well-known for having some of the finest schools in the country, and in the world, but the folks at Harrison recognize that we’re in a rapidly changing world. They are making an aggressive push to ensure that they will stay ahead of the curve. As we were talking, I realized that there is one glaring tool

Are you troubled by Noobs?

One of the benefits (some people think it’s a curse) of being technically addicted, er… savvy, is that everyone else is always asking you for assistance. My good friend and fellow Hoosier, Patric aka Mr. Noobie, is fully prepared to take this load off of your shoulders! Patric has had a growing website, Noobie, over the last year but it’s newly revamped layout and launch is incredible! Noobie, Inc. has a glossary, audio and video