Five Ways Martech Companies Play the Long Game Given an Expected 28% Drop in Marketing Spend

The Coronavirus pandemic has come with its set of challenges and learnings from a societal, personal, and business perspective. It’s been challenging to keep new business growth due to economic uncertainty and frozen sales opportunities. And now that Forrester expects a possible 28% drop in marketing spend over the next two years, some of the 8,000+ martech companies may be (inefficiently) scrambling to overexert themselves in preparation. However, what I believe will keep martech businesses growing

14 Troubling Trends with Agencies

Since we operate our own agency assisting marketing technology companies, we know all to well the trials and tribulations of the agency industry. As a boutique agency, we have an advantage in that we can be very picky with our clients. On the other side, we often struggle because enterprise companies don’t want to balance another agency in their marketing mix. We’ve had some fun poking at challenging clients in our industry. But in all

Agile Marketing is Evolution, Not Revolution, and Why You Must Adopt It

From building buildings to building software. In the 1950’s the Waterfall Development Model was introduced into software design and development. The system is a relic of the manufacturing industry where, by necessity, the right answer had to be devised before work started. And, in that world, the right answer makes sense! Could you imagine a scenario where you decided to build a skyscraper differently half way through the build? That said, the byproduct of the

The Art and Science of Content Marketing

While much of what we write for companies are thought leadership pieces, answering frequently asked questions, and customer stories – one type of content stands out. Whether it’s a blog post, an infographic, a whitepaper or even a video, the best performing content tells a story that’s explained or illustrated well, and supported by research. This infographic from Kapost really pulls together what performs best and it’s a great example of… a combination of art

Spigit: Organizing Innovation

This video from Spigit, who announced a merge with our sponsors at Mindjet, make some key points in this video that should never be overlooked: Innovation = Ideation + Execution. Ideas by themselves aren’t innovative, they must be acted on. The most popular idea isn’t always the best idea for business results. Often, we’ve watched companies hammer down every customer issue only to see that business fail. Sometimes what the customer requests isn’t worth the

Punching Through

On Friday, we had a great time with the team at our technology sponsors,Formstack , discussing small business software and their growth and success in the industry. One conversation really struck a cord with me and that was talking throughFormstack ‘s rebranding. To give some background,Formstack was first launched as Formspring. When the team saw how popular their tool became at soliciting questions, they launched a tool just for that and named it Formspring, then

A History of Disruptive Technologies in Marketing

As communication mediums have evolved and new technologies have been invented, they’ve collapsed many industries and erupted new ones to replace them. This infographic, developed in a partnership between Eloqua and Jess3, walks us through history and the many events that triggered change for marketers. A History of Disruptive Innovations in B2B Marketing looks at breakthrough technologies and processes that forever changed one segment of the world: the lives of B2B marketing professionals. A review