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  • Advertising TechnologyTiger Pistol Collaborative Facebook and Instagram Ad Platform

    Tiger Pistol: Collaborative Social Media Advertising for Facebook and Instagram at Scale

    Simplifying high-performance social media advertising and making those strategies scalable is challenging for companies advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Tiger Pistol’s Collaborative Advertising Platform™ has advanced how brands, resellers, and agencies approach social advertising, removing barriers and driving impressive results. Tiger Pistol offers a comprehensive solution that brings all your channel partners and sales locations under one umbrella, making creating…

  • Advertising Technologywhat is the best time to run facebook ads

    What is the Best Time to Run Facebook Ads?

    Facebook advertising has become an indispensable tool for businesses and marketers seeking to reach a large online audience. However, simply creating an appealing Facebook ad does not guarantee its success. The timing of the ads is a precious factor that is frequently overlooked. Understanding the best time to run Facebook ads can significantly impact campaign performance and success. In this…

  • Advertising TechnologyWhat is a CMP? How Creative Management Platforms Help Media Buyers Manage Personalized Ad Campaigns Across Channels

    How Creative Management Platforms Help Media Buyers Manage Personalized Ad Campaigns Across Channels

    With new advertising platforms like TikTok, retail media networks (RMN), or connected TV (CTV) ad platforms added to the ad channel mix, media buyers are pressured to craft and distribute more creatives that resonate with people than before. Additionally, strengthened privacy regulations left them without precise techniques for audience targeting, such as third-party (3p) cookies and mobile IDs. That means…

  • Advertising TechnologyMETA: Facebook advertising - special ad category tips

    How To Get The Most From META’s Special Ad Category

    With social media platforms constantly adapting to privacy laws and regulations, keeping up with the latest changes and ensuring compliance can be a challenge for advertisers. One such platform, META, has faced its share of legal controversies but still offers some level of advertising through a special ad category. This article will discuss the limitations and benefits of using this…

  • Advertising TechnologyInstagram

    How to Create Instagram Video Ads That Get You Results

    Instagram ads uses Facebook’s comprehensive and all-inclusive advertising system that let people target users based on their age, interests and behaviors. 63% of ad agencies operating in the US planned to incorporate Instagram ads for their clients.Strata Whether you have a small-sized business or a large-scale organization, Instagram video ads offer amazing opportunities for everyone to reach their target audiences. But,…

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