Repurpose House: Drive More Traffic and Leads With This Shareable Social Media Content Service

Businesses, including my own, are constantly creating new and amazing content for their sites – including videos, podcasts, and articles. While creation is amazing, there’s typically a short lifecycle to that content over time… so the full return on investment on your content is never truly realized. It’s one of the reasons that I push our clients to think more in terms of developing a content library than an endless stream of content production. There’s

How to Create Instagram Video Ads That Get You Results

Instagram ads uses Facebook’s comprehensive and all-inclusive advertising system that let people target users based on their age, interests and behaviors. 63% of ad agencies operating in the US planned to incorporate Instagram ads for their clients. Strata Whether you have a small-sized business or a large-scale organization, Instagram video ads offer amazing opportunities for everyone to reach their target audiences. But, with the increased number of brands becoming part of Instagram, the competition is getting

8 Image Ideas to Market your Business on Instagram

Every once in a while, I come up with a good quote or succinct piece of advice that I’d like to share socially. Rather than just tweeting it out, I open up the Depositphotos mobile application and find a beautiful image. I crop it using my iPhone and then open it in the Over App. Within 10 minutes, I have a great photo that may inspire some of our company’s Instagram network. Here’s an example: