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  • Content MarketingHow to Report Copyright Infringement (DMCA)

    Stolen Content? How To Report And Stop Copyright Infringement (DMCA)

    Content is pivotal to effective marketing and sales strategies, driving brand engagement and customer loyalty. However, the widespread accessibility of digital content also poses significant challenges, notably copyright infringement. This comprehensive guide outlines steps for protecting your online content. It details the legal obligations of online service providers (OSPs) with examples for GoDaddy, Google Ads, or Mailchimp when dealing with…

  • Sales and Marketing TrainingWhat is a Master Services Agreement

    What Is A Master Services Agreement (MSA)?

    I have written about the steps you should take when launching your agency. Included were two critical contractual documents that I recommended: Master Service Agreement (MSA) – The general contract covering the relationship between our organization and the client’s organization. The MSA can be a standalone contract or incorporated into a larger business agreement between the parties, including actual project deliverables. Rather…

  • Sales and Marketing TrainingWhat is a Fractional CMO?

    What Is A Fractional CMO? Why Every Company Should Consider Hiring Them (And How To)

    My most gratifying work has been providing fractional CMO services to multiple companies. As a consultant, my expertise and experience were underestimated. My ability to drive the innovation and execution of a company’s marketing strategies was hampered since I wasn’t (technically) a leader within the organization. A fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a marketing executive who works part-time or…

  • Artificial IntelligenceWill Generative AI replace APIs and SaaS in the future?

    The Future of Code Development: Will Generative AI Replace APIs and SaaS Platforms?

    Generative AI has emerged as a transformative force in various industries, especially sales. and marketing. Generative AI is a subset of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating or generating content rather than just analyzing or processing data. It involves using machine learning (ML) algorithms, particularly deep learning models, to generate new data instances similar to existing data. Generative AI is…

  • Marketing ToolsTermshub: Legal Compliance Platform for Sites and Online Stores

    Termshub: Ensure Your Site or Online Store Is Compliant Without Spending A Fortune On Legal Fees

    As with any business, we have some great attorneys that we can contact regarding legal advice. It’s not inexpensive, though. Ensuring a client is fully compliant with all of the proper, documented policies and disclosures across their web properties can easily run up our legal fees into the tens of thousands of dollars. Legal advisors, contract reviews, and written policies…

  • Content MarketingRoyalty Free Stock Photos for Marketing from Depositphotos

    DepositPhotos: Affordable Royalty-Free Stock Photos with Reverse Image Lookup!

    A royalty is a payment made to an individual or entity for using their intellectual property (IP), such as a patent, trademark, or copyrighted work. In photography, a royalty would be paid to a photographer for using one of their photographs. For example, a photographer takes a photo of a popular landmark and licenses it to a travel website for…

  • Content MarketingIntellectual Property

    A Guide for Marketers About Intellectual Property (IP)

    Marketing is a continuous undertaking. Whether you are an enterprise corporation or a small business, marketing is an essential means to keep businesses afloat as well as help drive businesses towards success. So it is important to secure and maintain the reputation of your brand in order to establish a smooth marketing campaign for your business. But before coming up with…

  • Marketing BooksJavaScript Obfuscation

    What Is JavaScript Obfuscation?

    I’ve been writing quite a bit of JavaScript lately for an Ajax application with unique and innovative code. Once I’m finished, I have a couple of concerns: the application security and protecting my hard work from someone stealing the code. I’m unsure how far I will go, but I read about JavaScript Obfuscation in one of my books, AJAX HACKS.…

  • Content Marketing
    marketing legal intellectual property

    What Marketers Need to Know about Protecting Intellectual Property

    As marketing—and all other business activities — have become increasingly reliant on technology, protecting intellectual property has become a top priority for successful companies. That’s why every marketing team must understand the basics of intellectual property law. What is Intellectual Property? The American legal system provides certain rights and protections for owners of property. These rights and protections even extend…

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