The Best Grammar Checker for Blogs, Emails, Mobile and Social Media

If you’ve been a reader of Martech Zone for a while, you know I could use quite a bit of help in the editorial department. It’s not that I don’t care about spelling and grammar, I do. The problem is more of a habitual one. For years, I’ve been writing and publishing our articles on the fly. They don’t go through multiple steps of approval – they’re researched, written, and published. Unfortunately, that’s caused me

The 3 Dimensions of Content Creation

There’s so much content being produced on the web right now that I’m truly having a difficult time finding articles of value – albeit through search, social or promotion. I am shocked at how shallow many of the content marketing strategies are on corporate sites. Some just had recent news and press releases about the company, others have an array of lists, others have feature releases about their products, and others only had heavy thought

2014: The Year of Customer Experience

I would hope that every year is the year of customer experience for each of our companies, don’t you? I know that’s not the title was eluding to. In the past I’ve said that customer service is now a core to every company’s social strategy. Because of the natural tendency of consumers to share and research information online about the products they use, companies they work with and the brands they love or are frustrated

Data’s Role in the Online Path to Purchase

There are dozens of points on the path to purchase where retailers can collect and use data to enhance the shopping experience and turn browsers into buyers. But there is so much data that it can become easy to focus on the wrong things and veer off course. For example, 21% of consumers abandon their cart simply because the checkout process is inefficient. The path to purchase has dozens of points where retailers can collect

Marketing to Intent, Not Eyeballs

Old school marketers always seem to get hung-up on the number of eyeballs. I’ve always been a database and direct marketer, so I liked getting the right eyeballs rather than pushing advertisements in front of all of them. Businesses like the Yellow Pages like to tout the big numbers, too. I read once that 87% of the U.S. Population used the Yellow Pages in 2007. In reading the fine print, this was assumed through a