Tips from High-Converting Sites

There is nothing more disappointing than having a successful paid ad campaign that drove tons of traffic to your site but resulted in low conversions. Unfortunately, many digital marketers have experienced this, and the solution is the same: optimize your site with high-converting content. In the end, the hardest part is not getting the person to the door, it’s getting them inside.  After working with hundreds of sites, we have come across the following tips

7 Reasons Why Lead Forms are Dead

Both digital retailers and brick & mortar stores are always on the hunt for new and innovative ways to capture more leads and convert them into paying customers. To say this is a big challenge would be an outrageous understatement, as the advent of the internet has made competition fiercer for every industry imaginable. Throughout the years, retails would place “Contact Us” forms on their website with the hope that interested browsers would connect with

How Digital Lead Capture Is Evolving

Lead capture has been around for a while. As a matter of fact, it’s how many businesses manage to GET business. Consumers visit your website, they fill out a form looking for information, you collect that information and then you call them. Simple, right? Ehh… not as much as you’d think. The concept, in and of itself, is crazy simple. In theory, it should be pretty damn easy to capture so many leads. Unfortunately, it

Are Lead Forms Dead?

Short answer? Yep. At least in the traditional sense, and by “traditional” we mean demanding visitors’ information before you’ve provided value, or using stale, static content as an incentive. Let’s back up that truck for some background: In our work helping clients increase their online conversions, we’ve noticed a significant, consistent drop in web visitors filling out traditional lead forms. There’s a good reason for that. Buyer behavior is changing, largely because the technology, information

Using Interactive Media to Boost your B2C Promotions

No matter what industry you’re in, if your business is in the B2C sector, chances are pretty good that you’re facing some fierce competition — especially if you’re a brick & mortar store. After all, you know how much and how often consumers shop online nowadays. Folks are still going to brick & mortar stores; but the convenience of purchasing online has made the number of in-store patrons drop. One of the ways businesses are

Ceros: Create Beautiful Interactive Content without Development

As much as WordPress owns the content management system market, it still requires a solid infrastructure, ongoing maintenance, and a great development team to build a theme or plugin that makes it work for you. I’m not trying to downplay it’s incredible flexibility, but the chances of a business user signing up and building a beautiful website is going to take some work. As well, the paradigm of the website that is composed of a