Moovly: Design Animated Videos, Banner Ads or Infographics

Our designer has been hard at work, recently producing an animated video for Right On Interactive. Aside from the complexity of the animation, rendering some of the videos takes hours utilizing standard desktop tools. Moovly (currently in beta) hopes to change that, providing a platform that allows anyone to easily create animated videos, banner ads, interactive presentations and other compelling content. Moovly is a simple online tool that lets you create animated content without having

Build Your Google Analytics Infographic on Visually

We love for finding and sharing infographics. DK New Media is a certified designer on, with a ton of great infographics we’ve researched, designed and promoted for our clients. As well as static infographics, the team continues to enhance their dynamic infographics as well… check out this great Google Analytics infographic that pulls your weekly stats into a beautiful design. You can even have your infographic delivered to you by email on