Consumers Prefer Choice and Interactivity… even with Video

There are three basic types of sites that organizations publish for their company: Brochure – a static website that’s simply a showcase for visitors to check out. Dynamic – a consistently updated site that provides news, updates, and other media. Interactive – a site that offers the visitor to navigate and interact how they wish. Examples of interactivity that we’ve done for clients have included interactive infographics, return on investment or pricing calculators, interactive maps,

Tips for Brands to Maintain a Balanced Twitter Feed

We’ve been doing quite a few things to ramp up our Twitter engagement recently. I believe the team at Twitter has been much more aggressive at improving quality and kicking out the spammers… and it’s showing. On the Martech Zone twitter account, we’ve been working to find and follow new accounts, share popular information from all over the web, add photos and video to deepen engagement, and monitor our reporting much closer. The average US

Are You Feeding the 3 Styles of Learning?

Sites, emails and blogs are naturally visual and even kinesthetically interactive with the user. That is… you can see (visual) and you can interact (kinesthetic) with the content. What most sites, including Martech Zone, don’t do well is feeding listeners, though. The 3 Styles of Learning Visual – most learners are visual. They like to read and especially learn when that content is supported by charts and images. Auditory – there’s a segment of the