My Updated Home Office for Video Recording and Podcasting

When I moved into my home office a few years ago, I had a lot of work that I needed to do to make it a comfortable space. I wanted to set it up for both video recording and podcasting but also make it a comfortable space where I enjoy spending long hours. It’s almost there, so I wanted do share some of the investments I made as well as why. Here’s a breakdown of

100 Years Later: The Kingdom of the Subscriber

This is an advertisement from May 1916 edition of Popular Mechanics from AT&T speaking to potential telephone subscribers. I often wonder how difficult it was to overcome the fear and trepidation such technology must have caused at the time. I also wonder how it compares to social media adoption and the Internet today. History almost always repeats itself. Telephones, like the Internet, significantly changed lives. In 1926, the Knights of Columbus Adult Education Committee even

What Will the Internet Look Like in the Next Century?

To think that my children are growing up in an age where the Internet was always here is quite amazing. The fact that we’ve moved from simple dial-up to having dozens of devices in our homes that are connected, recording, and helping us navigate daily is incredible. Thinking 100 years from now is well-beyond my vision. With the explosion of mobile and our devices getting more and more powerful, I can only guess that displays

The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Forrester predicts that affiliate marketing spending will grow to $4 billion by 2014, increasing at an annual compound growth rate of 16%. One of the decisions that we made early on with CircuPress was to make every user an affiliate. That way, as emails were sent, if a reader signed up after clicking the powered by link, the person sending the email was rewarded. This is a strategy that skyrocketed with platforms like DropBox… where

Rant: The US Government Will Destroy Internet Commerce

The economy is in shambles in the United States. With record spending, the wealth gap continues to increase, poverty is climbing, the number of citizens dependent upon unemployment, food stamps, disability or welfare is at record levels. There’s only one sector of the American economy that’s thriving – with well-paid jobs, many job openings, tons of investment funding, and growing sales. That sector is the Internet. With big big box retailers suffering and the government

2012 Internet & Mobile Trends

Background Check has developed this infographic providing stats on the growth of mobile and internet usage. The numbers aren’t just amazing. A deeper look at these numbers provides insight that the global economy is scaling up quickly and resources throughout the world are adopting the technologies necessary for collaboration and productivity. For companies, that means that there’s a growing, global marketplace for your goods and services. It also means that there’s global competition for your