RIP: All Your Databases Are Belong to Matt

The technology world lost a special person yesterday, friend Matthew S. Theobald. Matt was an amazing and brilliant person, developing and designing a means to index the data of the world through the Internet. I wrote about Internous after meeting Matt after a local Smaller Indiana event last year. Matt had a vision and tirelessly pursued it. The last time I saw him, he was nervously having a smoke out on the circle. I recognized

The Mother of All Databases

Wow, the mother of all databases. Internous is an initiative to catalog and organize all the databases in the world. When Matt first told me what he was working on, my eyes kind of glazed over due to the sheer magnitude of the initiative. From the Internous Site: The Internet Search Environment Number (ISEN) is for researchers who find it difficult to locate and search relevant, evaluated online databases. The ISEN is the foundation of