Rant: The “P” Word

Great marketers enjoy talking about Return on Investment. Yesterday, I attended a meeting with a real estate company who had some challenges with their web strategy. Their brochure site wasn’t driving too many leads and they were spending quite a bit of money on a number of external programs to drive leads into their sales funnel. The problem that we identified was that they were paying for all of those companies to compete with them

Invest in People. You won’t be dissappointed.

I’ve joked with quite a few folks that since my divorce (and subsequent dissolution of all of my worldly assets), I have spent my last 5 years investing in people. That may sound very strange, and hopefully not selfish, but I feel that by focusing my attention on mentors, friends, and family – that I will live a much more fruitful life. A friend of mine, Troy, asked me last night what it was that