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  • Analytics & TestingGoogle Analytics App for iOS and Android Features

    Google Analytics: iOS and Android Mobile App vs. Web Interface

    While Google Analytics is primarily known for its web interface, it offers dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android users. I’ve been utilizing the mobile app on iOS for the last few months and have to admit that I find it both impressive and usable in ways that differ from the site. How do they compare, and which platform best…

  • Sales Enablement

    LIID: Intelligent CRM Logging from your SmartPhone

    Sales reps are notorious of not adding activities into the company CRM. Activity logging rate can be as low as 20%, leading to sales forecasts made based on that data be off by 80%. LIID tackles this problem with a smartphone application that gives reps automatic data entry and tools to make life easier such as business card scanning and…

  • Mobile and Tablet Marketingmtb iphone v3

    The Best Marketing Mobile Application! Version 3

    The incredible team at Postano has done it again, surpassing all of my expectations of a great mobile application with Version 3 of Martech. I believe it’s the best Marketing iPhone App out there (Android coming)! First up is the very slick redesign that incorporates a Facebook-like left navigation. It makes it simple to scroll and select the category or…

  • Mobile and Tablet Marketingapp press devices

    App Press: The Mobile App Designer for Designers

    App Press was developed to bridge the knowledge gap between graphic designers and developers. As a designer, founder Grant Glas wanted to build apps code free. As a developer, Kevin Smith wrote the solution. They created 32 apps utilizing an early version of App Press and since launching, 3,000+ users have created apps on their platform. App Press was created…

  • Mobile and Tablet MarketingStarbucks Mobile App of the Year

    Starbucks: Designing The Perfect Mobile App

    On my next radio show, I’ll be discussing the Starbucks Mobile application which garnered the 2012 Mobile Marketer of the Year Award. In my opinion, it’s truly a great mobile application that bridges the marketing gap between online and in-store purchasing. Features that make the app so successful Usability – the application has a primary navigation bar across the bottom…

  • Mobile and Tablet Marketingsmartbanner marketing tech blog

    Promote Your iPhone App with a Smart App Banner

    Our partners at Postano Mobile, the folks who built our iPhone App, are incredible people to work with and have built an incredible application. If you haven’t checked it out, please do! We’ve got our videos up in the application now – you can click and play them directly from the application… so cool! Tonight they emailed me and told…

  • Content Marketing
    cinefy promo1

    Cinefy Professional iPhone Video Editing

    One area of content marketing we’re looking to increase is our use of video. I’ve been observing how other bloggers have utilized video but I guess I’m a bit of a snob… I just want something better. We’re all walking around with HD cameras and tools are easy to use, so why would I smash together some crappy video talk…

  • Content Marketing

    Engage! Business Rules and Social Media

    For the past month, I’ve been reading Engage: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web. This is not a light read – a complete guide may be an understatement! It’s a book you really need to sit down, concentrate on and digest one page at a time. Brian has outdone…

  • Marketing & Sales VideosAdobe PhoneGap

    PhoneGap: Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

    If you’ve had any experience developing in multiple languages, aside from objective C, you’ll probably get the same reaction that this guy did: I bought the book and read it, watched the movies, installed the IDE and I still can’t bluff my way into an app that simply states, “Hello World!”. Thank goodness that there are some incredibly intelligent developers…

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