WordPress iPhone Plugins: Admin and Theme

Since updating my blog and putting WordPress on Amazon S3, I’ve been able to remove caching plugins. The caching plugins performed poorly in comparison to pushing all my images to S3. (My first month’s bill: $0.50). I realize that caching could squeeze some additional performance out of my site… but it would stop me from updating the site with customizations for the iPhone, Blackberry, and other mobile devices. The issue is that one visitor could

Download this Program We Built to Fix our Program?

Our clients utilize PCAnywhere for their support issues. I’m running Vista – so when I tried to load our licensed client, I was swiftly met with an incompatibility message and the installer quit. In visiting the Symantec site, they of course fixed the compatibility issue with an upgrade to version 12.1. The snag? You have to pay $100 for the upgrade. I have to have it, so I paid the $100. Paying $100 for an