Stock Video Footage, Animation and Effects Sites and Resources

B-roll, stock footage, news footage, music, background videos, transitions, charts, 3D charts, 3D videos, video infographic templates, sound effects, video effects, and even full video templates for your next video can be purchased online. As you’re looking to streamline your video development, these packages can really accelerate your video production and make your videos look far more professional in a fraction of the time. If you’re fairly tech savvy, you may even wish to dive

Stock Images: Pay A Little Now or A Lot Later

Today we’ve been helping out a new client with some rough news. They were notified that they used a copyrighted image a couple of years ago and Getty now wants over $1,100 in licensing. We were able to track down the original author who uploaded it – a contract content writer. (We identified it using the post revision history in WordPress and the month/date path in it was uploaded to). It appears they found the

It’s All About the Images

Every few weeks or so I’m bugging my boss to refill the stock photo budget. There’s not a piece of content we distribute for ourselves or our clients that doesn’t have some kind of representative image, graphic, or custom graphic assigned to it. We know, on Martech Zone, that when we select a great image to get our point across, more visitors read, more share, and more comment on the content. People are busy nowadays