Hoax Marketing? Ivar’s Undersea Billboards

According to Youtube, 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute! Twitter users tweet 400 millions times per day. In a world so full of noise, it is hard for a product, website, or service to be heard. It is even harder when there is nothing truly exceptional about the thing being marketed. Every day, marketers are confronted by the challenge to rise above the noise. In hopes of creative stimulation, I turn to 2009

Indy Business Makeover: Deadline is Tomorrow!

When I was down in Houston, one of the speakers noted how a company will spend more money on their lobby than they will on their online presence. No one asks a couch manufacturer what the return on investment is on a nice leather sofa for the lobby – but everyone cuts and chisels away at the cost of a new website. Too many companies ignore the strategy altogether – too busy with their current