Is There Any Better Time to Launch a New Social Network?

I’m spending a lot less time in social media. Between the flawed algorithms and disrespectful disagreement, the less time I spend in social media, the happier I am. Some people that I shared my dissatisfaction with have told me that it was my own fault. They said it was my open discussion of politics over the last few years that opened the door. I truly believed in transparency – even political transparency – so I

An Open Letter to @Jack About Twitter

Dear Jack, For a year now, I’ve joked that Twitter is like the girl I had a crush on in school that wouldn’t give me the time of day. One time we played spin the bottle in the basement, and she nudged the bottle to kiss the guy next to me that was a jerk. She broke my heart. And he eventually broke hers. We both lost. Twitter is losing, too. You wrote in your earnings