The Growing Product Placement Industry

Apple products appeared in 30% of the 33 top films in 2010. Nike, Chevy and Ford in 24%. Sony, Dell, Land Rover and Glock in 15%. Product Placement is a $25 billion industry now. In fact, the next James Bond movie will cover one-third of it’s budget with $45 million in product placement revenue. Pontiac hoped to sell 1,000 Solstices in 10 days. Instead they sold 1,000 Solstices in 41 minutes after its exposure on

B2B: Videos are Influencing Purchasing Decisions

Video has been touted quite a bit with consumer marketing, but the real opportunity might be with business-to-business (B2B) marketing. In a recent study released by Eccolo Media, multimedia topped the collateral list as the fastest growing mediums that decision-makers and influencers are utilizing to make purchasing decisions. As we found in every past survey, the most frequently consumed types of collateral are product brochures & data sheets. In fact, respondents have only increased their

Let’s Join a Social Network

Too funny, Ze Frank’s song on joining a Social Network, Online All the Time. [audio:] Hat tip to Robert Scoble on the find.