Agile Marketing is Evolution, Not Revolution, and Why You Must Adopt It

From building buildings to building software. In the 1950’s the Waterfall Development Model was introduced into software design and development. The system is a relic of the manufacturing industry where, by necessity, the right answer had to be devised before work started. And, in that world, the right answer makes sense! Could you imagine a scenario where you decided to build a skyscraper differently half way through the build? That said, the byproduct of the

Communication and Visibility

We utilize GotoMeeting just about every single day at work to speak with our clients. Pretty cool actually seeing one of our clients and sponsors, Mindjet, starring in a GotoMeeting video! The video speaks to the alignment. Whether you’re designing a mind map or reviewing a project plan… visibility is key. Mind maps visualize ideas, processes and connections to make them easy to understand. Gotomeeting, of course, does the same with the ability now to

Long-Term Strategic Marketing takes Courage

When I worked with clients in the past on direct mail campaigns, the key to success was multiple relevant messages presented multiple times. I’d warn advertisers about sending out a one-time mailer and expecting great results. Over and over we provided our clients with proof that frequency and relevance were keys to success. Regardless of how well you qualify your audience, the truth is that a single message is sort of like putting a message

What’s your Strategy for Customer Recovery?

In many posts I’ve spoken about “get, keep and grow” strategies for companies to grow their business, but one aspect I don’t think I’ve ever written about is recovering customers. Since I’m in the software industry, I’ve rarely seen customers return so we’ve not incorporated tactics to try to win a customer back. That’s not to say it should not be done, though. I’m at the WebTrends Engage conference and CEO Alex Yoder discussed the

Don’t let Cigna get away with Murder

Rest in Peace, Nataline. If you’ve never been denied benefits, screwed on an insurance settlement, or heard of someone who has – you’re a lucky person! The insurance industry is one of the most profitable in the United States. The math is quite simple, the more people they let die – the better the profits. Can we change this with the Internet and the blogosphere? Can we literally bombard search engines with messages of Cigna