Free Ebook: Are You Playing the Numbers Game?

We’ve written about how impressed we were with EveryoneSocial to encourage your employees to promote your brand socially. After doing the post, the team there reached out and interviewed me regarding my experience with social media. They took the results of that interview and developed a beautiful ebook that you can download from their site. It’s not beautiful because my mug is on the cover :)… they just did a great job at capturing my

Respect My Authority

A couple years ago, I stopped looking for fans and followers. I don’t mean that to say that I didn’t want to continue gaining a following, I just mean that I stopped looking. I stopped being politically correct online. I stopped avoiding conflict. I stopped holding back when I had a strong opinion. I started being true to my beliefs and focusing on providing value to my network. This didn’t just happen with my social

Dealing with Social Media Detractors

Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer is a great guy and one of those folks that I don’t always agree with but I always respect. Jason has always been in the fray – working with clients to develop their social media strategies. One chunk of advice that I share with everyone is Jason’s methodology for dealing with detractors online – I first heard him speak about it at Blog Indiana in 2010. Acknowledge their right

Marketers are So Full of Crap

<rant>I’m listening to The Influencer Project. It’s a really interesting project – 60 minutes of 60-second tips from the Who’s Who on the web talking about creating influence online. I could be a little bitter that I didn’t get invited to help, but as I’m listening to these folks… I came to the realization that many of them are just plain full of crap. First, as you read through the list, do your homework… most

Cappuccino and the Lies of Packaging

Last week I stopped for a McSkillet burrito on the way to work. I could probably write a post just on how much I love those and Qdoba breakfast burritos, but I’ll spare you. While I was at McDonalds, my curiosity got the best of me and I ordered a McCafe Mocha rather than stopping at my favorite coffee shop. Colorful, sophisticated signs and packaging with earth tones surround you and make you feel as