The Marketing Genius of Jim Irsay

On Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts defeated the Tennessee Titans to become the AFC South Champions. Before the game, however, Colts owner Jim Irsay ran an absolutely brilliant marketing campaign over Twitter. In case you weren’t up on the details, let’s review Irsay’s tweets from December 31st: TO WIN A PRIUS AND $4K—At 1:15pm this Sunday there will be a black Prius parked on the north exterior plaza outside Lucas Oil Stadium… TO WIN A PRIUS

Have You Taken Myers-Briggs? ENTP?

We all hate being thrown into a bucket, but I got into a great conversation with someone on Myers-Briggs. The results have never varied over the last decade, I’m an ENTP. Here’s an excerpt: ENTPs value their ability to use imagination and innovation to deal with problems. Trusting in their ingenuity to get them out of trouble, they often neglect to prepare sufficiently for any given situation. This characteristic, combined with their tendency to underestimate