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  • Sales and Marketing TrainingMarketing Graduate Tips

    Eight Tips For Recent Grads Who Want To Get Jobs In Marketing

    Congratulations, college graduate! You’ve successfully completed a life goal that has provided you a foundation in marketing communications, taught you critical thinking, and provided you with the confidence you need to go out and build that career you always wanted. However, it’s imperative you realize that acquiring your degree was only the first step up the mountain to success. Our…

  • Marketing Infographics
    social media infographic

    Infographic: 46% of Consumers Use Social Media in Purchase Decisions

    I want you to do a test. Go to Twitter and search for a hashtag related to your business and follow leaders that appear, go to Facebook and search for a group related to your industry and join it, then go to LinkedIn and join an industry group. Spend 10 minutes a day on each for the next week and…

  • Search Marketingsocial resume

    Develop Your Social Resume

    In our industry, a social resume is a requirement. If you’re a candidate looking for a job in social media, you better have a great network and online presence. If you’re a candidate looking for a job in search engine optimization, I better be able to find you in search results. If you’re a candidate looking for a content marketing…

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