2012 Content Predictions from the Pros

Reading Time: < 1 minute Joe Pulizzi put together quite a list of content predictions for the Content Marketing Institute from almost 80 contributers! I’m not much of a fan of predictions, more often than not folks are almost always incorrect… regardless of their status and authority. I took a bit of a humorous approach to my contribution… but Joe liked it and mentioned it as one of the top 15! New button is added to social sites… The “Shut

Check out this Contest: Win an iMac from DevDad!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recently I’ve been paying a little more attention to how many contests and how good they are, especially since my own $1,000 giveaway is almost here (just need a few more sponsors!). Tonight I happened across the Stay At Home Dad iMac Give-Away. This contest is well done. It has a fantastic prize, great pictures, and a detailed list of requirements to join the contest – each promoting the blog and the sponsor. Mike put