5 Strategies to Get Attention on the Web

This might be an ironic post given the fact that my blog is in a slight decline in readership. The truth is that I know what’s causing it, but I lack the time right now to invest to stop it. No worries, though, I’ll turn it around soon! With that, I’ve been thinking a lot about what paths that companies and individuals can take to garner the attention of their peers, prospects, and/or clients on

No Better Birthday Present! 500 Feed Readers!

Content, Passion, Momentum… these are the three elements that I speak to my clients about when it comes to blogging. Some folks think that blogging is a narcissistic endeavor – especially when you talk about your own blogging success. The conflict, of course, is why would anyone listen to you if you are not successful? I post the number of feeds and keep my Technorati Rank and other information up to date so that I