MC Hammer 2.0 and Personal Branding

If you wanted to research a celebrity who has been able to re-energize their career through social media, my first example would be MC Hammer. Everyone has seen the Behind the Music and rise and fall of MC Hammer as a pop icon. MC Hammer has effectively utilized social media to re-insert himself into modern culture again. If you’ve been hesitant at listening… don’t. He’s an incredibly friendly, intelligent and humble person – perfect for

Social Media and the Employee Conundrum

John Jantsch asks a great question, Do you have a Social Media Non-Compete? Another question might be, “Can a company enforce a social media non-compete?” Courts have traditionally frowned upon restrictions placed by employers on their employees’ right to find and make a living. Since more and more companies are being compelled to utilize social media and encourage their employees to participate, how can we expect ex-employees not to? It’s a conundrum for companies, but

It’s Okay to Decline a Negative Comment

When I speak, as I did today, to an audience of business people curious about blogging, this is a statement that often turns a light bulb in their heads. Yes. You can moderate comments. Yes. It’s okay to decline a negative comment. I recommend to all businesses to moderate comments. I also encourage those same businesses, though, to analyze the opportunity and risk associated with a negative comment. If it’s a constructive criticism that’s actionable