Social Media Marketing is Failing

Last year, I wrote a post in response to Jonathan Salem Baskin, taking exception to his notion that Social Media could be dangerous for companies. (I actually agreed with him on many counts). This time – in my opinion – Mr. Baskin nailed it. Every company has been jumping on the social media bandwagon, increasing marketing spend in that arena, but few are seeing the returns they had hoped for. Burger King has grilled through

The Dangerous Lure of Avoiding the Social Web

I was thinking about naming this post, Why Jonathan Salem Baskin is Wrong… but I actually agree with him on many points in his post, The Dangerous Lure of the Social Web. I agree, for instance, that social media gurus often try to push businesses into leveraging the media without fully understanding the culture or resources at the company they’re working with. It shouldn’t be a surprise, though. They’re trying to sell a product… their

What’s Passing You By?

Yesterday I had lunch with a good friend of mine, Bill. As we ate our fantastic chicken tortilla soup at Scotty’s Brewhouse, Bill and I discussed that awkward moment where failure changes into success. I think truly talented people are able to visualize risk and reward and act accordingly. They jump at opportunity, even if the risk is insurmountable… and it often leads to their success. If I’m losing you, stick with me. Here’s an