How to Add App Banners to Your Mobile Site

If you have a mobile application for your products or services, you know how expensive it can be to promote and distribute it for mass adoption. Did you know that, with a simple header snippet, that you can promote the application within a mobile browser? Apple App Store Smart App Banners for iOS Apple supports smart app banners and it’s a great tool to increase adoption of your mobile application. When a mobile user visits your

How We Cut Our Page Load Time by 10 Seconds

Speed and social just don’t seem to work together when it comes to a great website. We migrated our site to Flywheel (affiliate link) and it vastly improved the performance and stability of our site. But our site design – with a fat footer that promoted our social activity on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on our Podcast – slowed our site down to a crawl. It was bad. While a great page loads in 2

Append Google Analytics Campaign Querystring Dynamically using jQuery

Friend Todd Baker sent me a solution via Twitter for a problem that I haven’t had an opportunity to develop a solution for. Since our blogs on Compendium are sometimes hosted on a secondary domain for a client, we’d like to pass Google Analytics campaign code to the primary domain so they can track visitors effectively. Another difficulty, though, is ensuring your bloggers always include a campaign code… something that should not be expected. The

Using jQuery to Juice Up an Ordinary Web Page

JavaScript isn’t the easiest of languages to learn. Many web developers who understand standard HTML are fairly intimidated by it. A new breed of JavaScript frameworks have been around for a while now and are beginning to hit the web in stride. All modern browsers are able to run JavaScript efficiently (some recent modifications to Firefox have really sped up their engine, though). I’d highly recommend downloading and using Firefox – the plugins alone make