Why Keyword Ranking Should Never Be Your Primary Performance Metric

Not too long ago, SEO strategies majorly comprised of getting ranking on keywords. Keywords were the primary factor to gauge the performance of a campaign. Website builders would stuff the sites with keywords, and the clients would love to see the results. The results, however, showed a different picture. If your SEO tutorial for beginners included using Google tools to find out keywords and then placing them on the website throughout, it might be going

How to Check Your Domain’s Rank by Keyword on Mobile and Desktop

Key to a successful search engine marketing strategy is understanding the keywords that search engine visitors are utilizing to find your company. You would be surprised at how many companies I speak to that have not done any keyword research. The result of not doing research in an online marketing strategy is that your company winds up being identified for irrelevant terms – attracting the wrong visitors to your website or blog. Google has a

Does Your Organic Rank Matter?

Time for me to ruffle some SEO feathers again! Today I decided to download my stats from Google Search Console and really do some digging on the traffic that I’m getting from organic search. Martech Zone ranks incredibly high on a number of keywords with dozens of #1 ranks on highly competitive, high volume keywords. We all know that the higher the rank, the higher the click-through rate on a search engine results page. But

Monitoring Keyword Rank Distribution?

Since search engine optimization continues to drive down costs for our clients, we work hard to get them ranked well. When you’re trying to rank on a few words, it’s pretty simple to see if you’re doing the right things… using a tool like Authority Labs, you can monitor day to day ranking. We do this for all of our clients. However, for some of our clients that have a significant number of keywords that