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  • Search MarketingHow to Find an SEO Consultant

    How To Find An SEO Consultant: Navigating Promises and Realities of Search Engine Optimization in 2024

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stands as a cornerstone for success, driving visibility, engagement, and conversions. It’s one of the few channels where the user provides the intent to purchase or research a purchase online. As search engines become dominant as the medium between the consumer and the brand, search engine optimization exploded in growth as an industry. The industry has…

  • Search MarketingHow to Monitor SEO Performance

    How to Monitor Your Organic Search (SEO) Performance

    Having worked to improve the organic performance of every type of site – from mega sites with millions of pages, to e-commerce sites, to small and local businesses, there’s a process that I take that helps me to monitor and report my clients’ performance. Amongst digital marketing firms, I don’t believe my approach is unique… but it is much more…

  • Marketing InfographicsHow Long Does It Take to Rank On Google?

    How Long Does It Take To Rank In Google Search Results?

    Whenever I describe ranking to my customers, I use the analogy of a boat race where Google is the ocean and all of your competitors are other boats. Some boats are bigger and better, some old and barely staying afloat. Meanwhile, the ocean is moving as well… with storms (algorithm changes), waves (search popularity crests and troughs), and of course…

  • Marketing ToolsViduPM SEO Project Management

    ViduPM: An Online SEO Project Management, Reporting, and Invoicing Platform

    While many digital marketing agencies specialize search engine optimization and there are countless tools on the market for SEO,  they’re often focused on the tactical deployment of SEO and not the actual management of customers. ViduPM is built specifically for SEO-focused agencies to manage, collaborate, report, and even invoice your SEO customers. ViduPM Features Include: SEO Project Management – Project…

  • Search Marketinggood seo

    What is Good SEO? Here’s a Case Study

    Over the last few years, I’ve been quite vocal about how so many consultants and agencies in the organic search industry refuse to change. It’s unfortunate as they continue to leave a trail of clients that have invested a lot but actually destroyed their ability to acquire organic authority, ranking, and traffic. Good SEO: A Case Study The following is…

  • Search Marketingincognito

    Checking Your Site’s Rank with Personalized Search

    One of my clients called last week and asked why, when she searched, her site was first in the rankings but another person had her down the page a bit. If you hadn’t heard the ruckus, Google has turned on personalized search results permanently. That means that based on your search history, your results will differ. If you’re checking your…

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