How does Klout Work?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Numbers matter when it comes to online marketing. I’ve been critical of Klout but I still like that companies are trying to develop simple metrics to determine places and people of influence online. I don’t pretend to understand the Klout score too much, and I don’t worry about it too much either. But… from time to time, I do check in on my Klout score (the Klout iPhone app let’s you display it!). If you’d

What’s Your PROskore?

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s a lot of movement happening right now in the scoring industry. I think Klout has gotten quite a bit of criticism recently… it’s tough being the first guy on the block in any field. I’m thankful that someone took on the tough task of developing the first authority score in the industry, though, and hope they’re able to adapt their algorithms and continue to develop them. One of the competitors I see creeping up

It’s Never As Simple as Fans and Followers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Attention social media marketers: number of followers is not a strong indicator of influence. Sure… it’s obvious and easy – but it’s also lazy. The number of fans or followers often has nothing to do with a person or company’s ability to influence others. Seven Characteristics of Influence Online The influencer must primarily be engaged in relevant conversations. An actor with a bajillion followers won’t necessarily mean that they can influence others regarding your product