What is Direct Response Copywriting? How to Write Copy that Converts

The average article simply isn’t going to perform. I continue to be surprised as I check out topics of interest via search and social but when I begin to read the article, it’s just boring and uninformative. If you build out two landing pages with the same exact offer, I guarantee that one written by a talented copywriter will garner far more attention. On a side note, I still aspire to be a great writer.

What is Webrooming? How is it Different from Showrooming?

This week I’ve been researching purchasing audio equipment for our studio. I often bounce from manufacturing site, then specialty e-commerce sites, retail outlets, and Amazon. I’m not the only one. In fact, 84% of shoppers check Amazon before shopping What is Webrooming Webrooming – when a customer travels to a store to make the purchase after researching the product online. What is Showrooming Showrooming – when a customer purchases online after researching t The infographic

The Shift to Online Shopping with Retailers

There is a shift happening between retail and online shopping, but I’m not sure anyone truly understands where we’re heading. Aggressive competition and free shipping offers are great for consumers but they’re driving down business to ecommerce companies. At the same time, shoppers still love showrooming and getting to touch and feel the products that they’re looking to buy. Another hurdle for pure ecommerce companies is the growing number of states applying sales taxes to