5 Keys to Your Successful Personal Brand

I had a conversation with one friend today and got an email from another asking my advice on how to build their personal brand… and ultimately profit from it. This may be a topic that’s better answered by friend Dan Schawbel, a personal branding expert… so keep an eye on his blog. I’ll share my thoughts on what I’ve done over the last decade, though. Present yourself how you wish to be perceived – I

What’s your Organic Search Potential?

Tonight I had a beer with good friend and colleague Kristian Andersen. Kristian’s firm is an incredible local resource to many firms both regionally and nationally and Kristian is a personal mentor. Every conversation I have with Kristian energizes me – and we challenge each other’s understanding of how business works, how Software as a Service works, how social media works… you get the point! Kristian and I discussed blogging tonight and his firm is