8 Steps To Crafting Effective Landing Pages

The landing page is one of the core foundations that’ll help your customer navigate through their buyer’s journey. But what exactly is it? And more importantly, how can it specifically grow your business? To be concise, an effective landing page is designed to make a potential customer take action. This could either be to subscribe to an email list, register for an upcoming event, or purchase a product or service. While the initial goal may be different,

The 5 Reasons A Visitor Arrived On Your Page

Too many companies design a website, social profile, or landing page without understanding the intent of the visitor. Product managers pressure the marketing department to list features. Leaders pressure the marketing department to publish the latest acquisition. Sales teams pressure the marketing department to promote an offer and drive leads. Those are all internal motivations as you’re looking to design a web site or landing page. When we design and develop a web presence for

The Key Visual Elements of Landing Page Design

The folks at Uplers have produced this interactive infographic, A Deep Dive Into the Use of Visuals in Landing Pages, which covers how landing pages along with the critical visual elements that impact conversion rates. Reasons to Utilize Landing Pages Targeting Keywords for Organic Search – By creating a landing page optimized for search engines, you can appeal to the algorithms and get the right traffic to your landing page. By not optimizing, you could

Landing Page Optimization Tips that Increase Conversion Rates

There’s no doubt that optimizing landing pages is a worthwhile endeavor for any marketer. Email Monks have put together this comprehensive interactive infographic on landing page optimization tips that drive measurable results. Here are some great stats associated with landing page optimization. President Barrack Obama raised an additional $60 million with the help of A/B testing Long landing pages have the ability to generate up to 220% more leads than above the fold call-to-action 48%

9 Landing Page Mistakes You Should Avoid

You’d be surprised at how many things distract someone on a page that they arrive at. Buttons, navigation, images, bullet points, bolded words… all of them capture the attention of the visitor. While that’s an advantage when you’re optimizing a page and purposely laying out those elements for the visitor to follow, adding the wrong element or extraneous elements can take the visitor away from the call-to-action you’re wanting them to click through and convert

Blueprint for the Testable Landing Page

One of the most popular infographics that we’ve seen was released by our technology sponsors,Formstack , called Landing Page Best Practices.Formstack is an incredibly easy-to-use online form builder with the ability to actually build out landing pages in the same solution. The Blueprint for a Perfectly Testable Landing Page: Landing pages are composed of a group of definable elements. The building blocks presented below can be used as a guide when defining and creating a

You’d probably open this Mail…

Today in my mail I received a blue envelope that had my name and address neatly printed on the front. The reply address was a P.O. Box but it still appeared handwritten. When I flipped the envelope over, it had the Hallmark seal on it. The curiosity got the best of me and I opened it to find a card with the following message: This is handwriting font technology and it’s really hit the direct