PERIODS: Maximize Your Home or Landing Page with these 7 Pieces of Content

Over the last decade, we’ve really seen visitors on websites behave quite differently. Years ago, we built sites that listed out products, features, and company information… all of which were centered around what companies did. Now, consumers and businesses alike are landing on home pages and landing pages to research their next purchase. But they’re not seeking a list of your features or services, they’re looking to ensure you understand them and that you’re the

A Complete Set of Tips to Increase Your Pay Per Click Advertising ROI

While this infographic from Datadial states for small business, I’ll be honest that we work with some enterprise and large businesses that don’t take advantage of many of these tips! This may be the most complete list of tips I’ve seen when it comes to utilizing pay per click advertising on Google more effectively. Regardless of your industry, the tactics you can employ to make life easier for PPC management remain the same. This infographic

9 Landing Page Mistakes You Should Avoid

You’d be surprised at how many things distract someone on a page that they arrive at. Buttons, navigation, images, bullet points, bolded words… all of them capture the attention of the visitor. While that’s an advantage when you’re optimizing a page and purposely laying out those elements for the visitor to follow, adding the wrong element or extraneous elements can take the visitor away from the call-to-action you’re wanting them to click through and convert

Landing Page Best Practices: How to Optimize for Conversions

As inbound marketing continues to evolve, it also becomes more difficult to do effectively. Marketing is now multi-channel and multi-faceted. It’s not as simple as posting on social media a couple of times a week or sending an email once a month. You have to be strategically executing a bunch of different tactics which all complement each other, while also being able to adjust and adapt if a tactic isn’t working. It’s exhausting being a

How to Optimize a Landing Page

Just a few minor changes to your landing page can result in much better results for your business. Landing pages are the destination for your calls-to-action and the transition point where a visitor either becomes a lead or even a conversion. Here are some key elements of a well optimized landing page. Keep in mind we’re not just optimizing the page for search engines, we’re optimizing the page for conversions, too! Page Title – the

Should Bloggers Correct their Mistakes?

There’s a great discussion on Cranky Geeks that rolled over to TWIT this week that’s near and dear to me with my respect for journalists. Bloggers are not journalists in the traditional sense of the word but we are journalists when viewed from a consumer viewpoint. Corrections are important and should be dealt with, but it depends on the mistake that’s been made. Old posts are still ‘alive’ in search engine results and there are