A Secret to Building Authority and Promoting your Blog

I’ve written before about how helpful Google Alerts are as a strategy for reputation management. Here’s a great tip for you to drive authority for yourself, your product or your service and to help promote your site or blog utilizing LinkedIn Answers and Google Alerts. For the terms that you’d like to build authority on within LinkedIn, make a Google Alert! Select “Web” as the type and “as-it-happens” for how often. Example: If I wish

Why isn’t Networking in Every Curriculum?

This afternoon I was invited to an incredible lunch and discussion with Indiana Business College Harrison College. Indiana is well-known for having some of the finest schools in the country, and in the world, but the folks at Harrison recognize that we’re in a rapidly changing world. They are making an aggressive push to ensure that they will stay ahead of the curve. As we were talking, I realized that there is one glaring tool

Companies turning to Internal Social Networks

There’s a ton of information about all the Social Networks out on the web, but a movement has been afoot to bring some of the advantages of social networks to the Intranet as well. I did some research on the topic for a half-day social networking session I spoke at with the IABC yesterday and the findings were worth taking a deeper look at. I had to dig deep to find info and screenshots, but

Let’s Join a Social Network

Too funny, Ze Frank’s song on joining a Social Network, Online All the Time. [audio:http://www.zefrank.com/social_2.mp3] Hat tip to Robert Scoble on the find.