Not Everyone Can See Your Website

For website managers at many businesses, large and small, this past season was the winter of their discontent.  Beginning in December, dozens of art galleries in New York City were named in lawsuits, and the galleries weren’t alone.  Many hundreds of suits have been recently filed against businesses, cultural institutions, advocacy groups and even the pop phenomenon Beyoncé, whose website was named in a class-action suit filed in January. The vulnerability that they have in common?  These websites weren’t

Google Makes Public Domain Images Look Like Stock Photography, And That’s a Problem

In 2007, famed photographer Carol M. Highsmith donated her entire lifetime archive to the Library of Congress. Years later, Highsmith discovered that stock photography company Getty Images had been charging licensing fees for the use of these public domain images, without her consent. And so she filed a lawsuit for $1 billion, claiming copyright violations and alleging gross misuse and false attribution of nearly 19,000 photographs. The courts did not side with her, but it

3 Steps to Protect your Blog from a Big, Fat Lawsuit

Today was the first day of BlogINDIANA and it was fantastic. I did a lot of twittering from the event, and even ran a live feed for a little while. The first session I attended really blew me away, it was on the legal aspects of blogging. The session wasn’t run by an attorney but by a blogger, Andrew Paradies, who really took note of all of the intricacies of the legalities associated with blogging.