Digital Transformation and the Importance of Integrating a Strategic Vision

Reading Time: 4 minutes One of the few silver linings of the COVID-19 crisis for companies has been the necessary acceleration of digital transformation, experienced in 2020 by 65% of companies according to Gartner. It’s been on fast-forward since businesses across the world have pivoted their approach. As the pandemic has kept many people avoiding face-to-face interactions in stores and offices, organizations of all types have been responding to customers with more convenient digital services. For example, wholesalers and B2B companies

Five Top Tips For Building A Thought Leadership Content Strategy

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how easy it is to build – and destroy – a brand. Indeed, the very nature of how brands communicate is changing. Emotion has always been a key driver in decision making, but it is how brands connect with their audience that will determine success or failure in the post-Covid world. Nearly half of decision-makers say an organisation’s thought leadership content directly contributes to their purchasing habits, yet 74% of companies have

You Keep Using That Word “Creative”…

Reading Time: 2 minutes Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group published a study and infographic, Digital Marketing Dissonance, where 4 in 10 CIOs say their company lacks the support needed for digital marketing projects. While I don’t doubt that’s accurate, the study then breaks some of the data down into two buckets, IT executives and creative executives. I’m not sure that I believe there’s some kind of correlation between being an IT person or being a creative person.

Punching Through

Reading Time: 3 minutes On Friday, we had a great time with the team at our technology sponsors,Formstack , discussing small business software and their growth and success in the industry. One conversation really struck a cord with me and that was talking throughFormstack ‘s rebranding. To give some background,Formstack was first launched as Formspring. When the team saw how popular their tool became at soliciting questions, they launched a tool just for that and named it Formspring, then

It’s Time to Turn Your Company Upside Down

Reading Time: 2 minutes When companies describe their management hierarchy, you usually get a pretty cool diagram that ranks employees by who they report to. The ones with the power and the compensation are always listed on top… in order of importance . It’s not a surprise. This puts the customer at the bottom of the hierarchy. Those employees who deal with prospects and customers on a daily basis are typically the lowest paid, inexperienced, overworked and unimportant human