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  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingThe Complete List of Social Media Marketing Benefits

    The Complete List of Social Media Marketing Benefits for Any Business

    Gone are the days when companies solely dictated their brand’s voice, narrative, and marketing strategies. Today, the true power lies in the hands of consumers and business customers, whose voices on social media platforms have the remarkable capacity to make or break a brand. This shift has transformed social media into a critical arena where customer validation is not just…

  • Content MarketingWeb Design Process

    Blueprint to Success: Crafting the Ultimate Web Design Process

    Designing a website is a complex process that involves several stages, each critical to ensuring the final product meets the desired objectives. A comprehensive web design process typically encompasses the following phases: Strategy, Planning, Design, Development, Launch, and Maintenance. Below is a detailed look at each stage, along with additional vital insights that might not be immediately apparent. Step 1:…

  • Search MarketingHow To Get Customer Reviews Online

    The Art of Asking Customers for Reviews: 5 Insider Tips and Tricks

    In my experience, many businesses underutilize an important way to build credibility with prospective customers — asking their current clients for reviews. If approached correctly, however, having positive online testimonials can be one of the most effective ways to convert leads into sales.  Below, I explain effective review strategies to help you not only reach your target audience but also…

  • Content MarketingBenefits of Blogging for Brands (Platforms, Features, Statistics)

    Why Are Brands Still Blogging in 2023? Features, Platforms, and Benefits

    It’s hard to believe it’s been over a decade since I wrote Corporate Blogging for Dummies! In that time, I’ve seen a transformation where blogs have become a feature of virtually every content or e-commerce platform. Blogging is still critical as companies require a simple process for quickly publishing articles, news, and building their content library. Blogging Continues To Dominate…

  • CRM and Data PlatformsClose Inside Sales CRM and Sales Automation Platform

    Close: The Inside Sales CRM and Sales Automation Platform For Fast, Agile Teams

    Close is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Automation platform designed specifically for sales teams. Close streamlines and improves the sales process, enabling businesses to close deals faster and more efficiently. Close primarily helps small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and startups that have a focus on B2B sales. It is especially beneficial for sales-driven organizations with inbound sales teams who…

  • Martech Zone AppsCPA Calculator: How Is Cost Per Action Calculated?

    App: Cost Per Action Calculator

    Cost Per Action Calculator Campaign Results Direct Campaign Expenses * $ Expenses specifically for campaign. Total Actions * Number of actions (sale, lead, download, conversions) generated by the campaign. Traditional CPA $ This is the traditional Cost Per Action (Campaign Expenses / Total Actions). Platform Expenses Annual Platform Expenses * $ Annual platform licensing and support. Annual Campaigns Sent *…

  • Content MarketingMarketing Budget, Marketing Investment, and Lead Acquisition Expectations

    Expectations on Your Marketing Investment

    We had two fantastic meetings yesterday, one with a client and one with prospects. Both conversations were around expectations on the return on marketing investment (ROI). The first company was largely an outbound sales organization and the second was a large organization largely dependent upon database marketing and direct mail response. Both organizations understood, down to the dollar, how their…

  • Marketing Infographicssales prospecting

    8 Strategies To Improve Your Sales Prospecting Effectiveness

    This evening, I was out on a bike ride with a colleague and between huffs and puffs we were discussing our sales routines for our businesses. We both absolutely agreed that the lack of discipline that we applied to our sales was inhibiting both of our companies. His software product attracts a specific industry and size, so he already knew…

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