LeadSift: Capture Intent and Actionable Insights with Social Media

Businesses are constantly trying to capture data on prospects and customers to both find and attract leads, and then to keep and upsell the customers they acquire. There’s a ton of technologies out there to attempt to capture this data. Some of the sources are inaccurate and others out of date. Too bad there wasn’t a source of information that was continuously updated accurately and often by people. There is! People consistently and repeatedly leave

LeadSift: Use Social Selling to Acquire Leads

78% Of salespeople using social media outsell their peers. LeadSift has launched its cloud platform that scans millions of conversations across social media channels to find and deliver potential leads to businesses while also giving each lead a metric that classifies intent. It simplifies the concept of social selling and makes you and your team more efficient and effective in the sales process by seamlessly integrating with CRM. LeadSift makes it easy by delivering relevant