Lesson.ly: The Teaching and Learning Application

There are times, especially in technology, that you want to provide a quick and easy lesson for your platform. As an example, we developed CircuPress as a self-service email application for WordPress… but it does require a few steps to setup. We could do a video that shows the setup, but the user will then need to pause/continue as they watch and configure their account. Instead, we just setup a CircuPress Basics lesson with Lessonly

Your Agency Sucks

Yesterday, I spoke in Detroit at the headquarters of an international corporation that has dozens of subsidiaries. My presentation was an hour long and focused on how to look at analytics differently… seeking the information that they weren’t even aware existed nor how it impacted their online business. The presentation had some rave reviews and two hours afterwards, I still hadn’t left Detroit. I was sitting and chatting with Marketing leaders from several of the