Follow the Top Social Media Influencers of 2014

Dr. Jim Barry of the Edu-Tainment Social Content Marketing blog has put together a list of the top social media influencers (with yours truly on it!). The good Doctor has written up a fascinating, detailed post on the 4 archetypes of these influencers, describing the traits and types of influence they have in the industry, including: Educators – provide help and insight Coaches – engage and assist (you’ll find me here!) Entertainers – engage and

LinkedIn: Top 25 Social Media Experts to Follow

Jason Miller recently posted on social media that he felt like he had given birth when his newest creation was finally published. No doubt he’s proud of this baby! The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn is fantastic… creative, colorful, and packed with advice from different marketing professionals, different use cases, and a ton of resources. If you’ve not downloaded it yet – download it and utilize it as a checklist for how you’re putting your

PHP: A Great Book and MVC Framework for PHP

The folks over at Packt Publishing had a recent post where they were encouraging PHP developers/bloggers to read a new book and blog about it. I really appreciate opportunities like this – the didn’t request any positive or negative posting, just an honest review of the book they provide (at no cost). The book I received is CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development, written by David Upton. My favorite book on PHP/MySQL is still PHP

PHP: How Many Days until Christmas?

We have a client who has a special that is only good until Christmas and the setting for the days until expiration is in a field saved in the database. I needed to write a cron job (scheduled job) that updates the field for each of their restaurants on a nightly basis. I had never scripted any cron jobs before – thanks to my colleague, Tim, at Imavex for leading me in the right direction.