Presentation: The Power of Infographics

Muhammad Yasin has developed a fantastic and in-depth presentation on the power and strategy of infographic creation, distribution and promotion. We’ve spoken about infographics quite a bit on Martech and our agency is developing and designing more infographics than ever before. Why are they so popular? The simple reason is that infographics have a combination of being both attractive, portable, and easily digested. Notice I didn’t say accurate? That’s because I don’t think the purpose

How to Leverage and Promote Infographics

Marketing infographics have been a source of great attention for Martech. So much so that I’ve set up Google Alerts for the term infographic and I review them throughout the day. Since infographics have become so popular, the content industry is being overwhelmed with bad infographics… so we’re pretty picky about what we share or don’t share to insure that we’re always providing value. Infographic Basics What is an infographic? 10 reasons infographics should be