How Users Interact with Pinterest

This week I was invited to be on a panel speaking to regional creatives (audio is here) in a meetup with Pattern Magazine. Perhaps more than any other group, creatives have an incredible opportunity to take advantage of visual social mediums like Vine, Instagram or Pinterest. This visual guide details how users are interacting with pins, boards, other users and brands on Pinterest. From Wishpond Early statistics on Pinterest spoke about the rapid adoption by

Email Marketing List Maintenance

When’s the last time that you’ve retooled your email program to ensure your email lists are properly segmented and subscribers are getting the information that they want? So many marketers are attentive only to large subscriber counts… smaller email lists and targeted content always outperform mass media. Here’s the perfect maintenance email, received from WebTrends: The topics are nicely segmented and updating my preferences was only a single click. If you can capture subscribers’ preferences

How does Analytics get all that info?

This weekend I’ve been tinkering (as usual). Wouldn’t it be great if you could open up Google Analytics and see how many folks are reading your RSS feed? After all, these are still visits to your site and your content, aren’t they? The problem, of course, is that RSS feeds don’t allow for code to get executed when your content opens (sort of). Your web page does, however. If you’d like to learn more about