Not Every Content Strategy Needs a Story

Stories are everywhere and I’m sick of it. Every social media app is trying to throw them in my face, every website is trying to lure me to their clickbait story, and now every brand wants to emotionally connect with me online. Please make it stop. Reasons Why I’m Growing Weary of Stories: Most people are terrible at telling stories. Most people aren’t seeking stories. Gasp! I know I’m going to upset the content professionals

What is LinkedIn?

What’s LinkedIn? Why should you join LinkedIn? Here’s another great video from the folks at CommonCraft on just that topic! Connect with me on LinkedIn.

When Malls become Datacenters…

Yesterday was a great day at The Bean Cup. Patric stopped by from Noobie, Doug Theis from Lifeline Datacenters and later in the day, Adam from Text By Request. Lifeline Datacenters has a really cool, and ironic, story in their new Eastgate Mall facility. The Indianapolis Business Journal did a story on them when they finished the purchase, but now the facility is now coming to life. It’s a full-featured datacenter with every bell and