The Playbook for B2B Online Marketing

This is a fantastic infographic on the strategies deployed by just about every successful business-to-business online strategy. As we work with our customers, this is fairly close to the overall look and feel of our engagements. Simply doing B2B online marketing is not going to maximize success and your website isn’t going to just magically generate new business because it’s there and it looks good. You need the right strategies to attract visitors and convert

Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Metrics

We get quite a nice stream of traffic from Pinterest. It’s fairly consistent as long as our posting on Pinterest is consistent. It also helped when we installed the Pinterest Pin It Button For Images – you’ll see it if you mouseover the image below. Quite a few more people are sharing our infographics. Our Marketing Infographics board almost has 1,000 followers and we honestly do very little outside of posting our infographics there! The

What Facebook Likes Reveal About Us

It’s hard to believe that by simply clicking a few likes, a platform can accurately predict much more about the consumers using it than they could imagine – but it’s true. This is the power of database marketing and may point to a fundamental flaw in many social media marketers’ logic. While we all wish to be treated as individuals, the data provides a much different picture. We are not very unique at all. Research

Behind the Facebook Like Button

The Facebook Like button is one of the most pervasive elements the Web has ever seen. With the popularity of Facebook and golden age of social media marketing upon us, webmasters are scrambling for a piece of the social traffic pie. Here’s a look at the staggering usage statistics of the Facebook Like button. You’ll never look at a Like button the same again. P.S. – Doesn’t this just make you want to click that

Is Social Impacting Search Rank?

This is another one of those great arguments of causation versus correlation. Does getting social mentions directly impact your search engine ranking? Or is social a great barometer of activity on the web that generates other factors that influence ranking. Google and Facebook aren’t really friends at this point – with Microsoft having access to Facebook activity, it’s doubtful that Google has any insight (although they may through third parties). I don’t doubt that Google

Do Big Follower Numbers Really Count?

If I could add 100 subscribers or 10,000 subscribers online, it may not make a difference to my bottom line. I need to attract the right subscribers to actually get business from them. I’ve even written in the past that marketing is not about the eyeballs, it’s about the intent. Have I changed my mind? No, not when it comes to advertising. I don’t care about how many total followers or subscribers you have, I