Blog-Tipping: PGA-Auctions

Tom has requested that I tip his blog, PGA Auctions. And I’m happy to oblige! Tom’s blog is about his eBay business and he keeps a close eye on the auctions so there are plenty of competitors out there and we need to get him some help! Here are your Blog Tips: First, be sure to correct the link on the Post with the link back to my blog… when you copy and paste from

Social Bookmarks: Hide and Seek

UPDATE: – With the new site design and the lack of usage of the links, I decided to take them off. No complaints thus far! This modification still works if you would like to use it. I was the butt of some joking going on over at Nektros. The entry was all about why you should get rid of all of those one-click social bookmarking links on your site. I’ve had a few other folks