How Better Blog Posts Make You a Better Lover

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ok, that title may be a little misleading. But it did get your attention and got you to click through to the post, didn’t it? That’s called linkbait. We didn’t come up with a hot blog post title like that without assistance… we used Portent’s Content Idea Generator. The clever folks at Portent have revealed how the idea for the generator came to be. It’s a great tool that capitalizes on linkbaiting techniques that are

What Job Does Your Customer Need Your Product or Service To Perform?

Reading Time: 2 minutes I attended a great event yesterday called the Innovation Summit, which was put on by Indy-based TechPoint. Clayton Christensen, the speaker, professor, and author from Harvard University spoke about Disruptive Innovation and did a remarkable job. One of the points that he made toward the later part of his presentation was about figuring out what job your customer needs your product or service to perform. He gave the example of a milkshake and how, through