The Social Media Rules Police Strike Again!

For as long as people have known me, I’ve been railing against the rules police in social media. They truly drive me absolutely insane. For ten years, one of the arguments that continues to surface is whether or not you should connect with people you don’t know online. It surfaced again yesterday when I shared Dan Schawbel’s post, Why I Accept All LinkedIn Contact Requests. Dan lists 5 reasons why he connects with strangers, including

LinkedIn Basic Boot Camp

LinkedIn has over 135 million members internationally and the average household income of a LinkedIn user is over $100,000 annually! The first thing I do returning from a business trip or meeting is to enter all my contacts in LinkedIn, review their profiles, and see which ones I should follow up with. In fact, I don’t even accept resumes… if you don’t have a comprehensive LinkedIn profile, it’s the first strike against you. LinkedIn is

I’ve got a Verizon PPC 6700 that I would have loved to have done this to…

Watch the video. You have to love Markku, especially the attempt at discus-style throwing! Thanks to Phil Schwarzmann at Nokia for letting me know about their wacky viral video!