How Important Is Your LinkedIn Profile Photo?

Several years ago, I attended an international conference and they had an automated station where you could pose and get a few headshots. The results were stunning… the intelligence behind the camera had you position your head to a target, then the lighting automatically adjusted, and boom… the photos were taken. I felt like a dang supermodel they came out so good… and I immediately uploaded them to every profile. But it wasn’t really me.

The Ultimate Guide to Building the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

There’s a ton of turmoil right now in the business sector. I’ve personally seen a lot of small businesses shed marketing resources throughout the pandemic and associated lockdowns. Simultaneously, though, I’ve been observing enterprise corporations struggle to find experienced talent and expertise. I’ve been personally advising many people in my industry to shift the focus of their LinkedIn profiles and experience to larger corporations. In any economic turmoil, the companies that have the deep pockets

10 LinkedIn Profile Tips For Your Networking Success

This infographic from SalesforLife is focused on how a LinkedIn profile can be optimized for selling. Well, in my opinion, every LinkedIn profile should be optimized for selling… otherwise why are you on LinkedIn? Your value in your profession is only as valuable as your professional network. That said, I believe many people do damage by either abusing the platform or by not optimizing their LinkedIn profile. One practice that I’d really like to stop

Here are 33 LinkedIn Tips for you to Tweet!

There aren’t too many days that I’m not reading an update from LinkedIn, connecting with someone on LinkedIn, participating in a group on LinkedIn, or promoting our content and business on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a lifeline for my business – and I’m happy with the upgrade I made to a premium account earlier this year. Here are some fantastic tips from leading social media and LinkedIn users from around the web. Be sure to share