The Dramatic Impact of Online Visual Storytelling

There’s a reason why we use so much imagery here at Martech Zone… it works. While the textual content is the focus, the imagery balances the pages and provides a means for readers to get an instant impression of what is to come. Imagery is an understated strategy when it comes to developing your content. If you haven’t already – try to to provide an image for every single document, post or page on your

Content Science: Turn your Plain Jane links into Killer Contextual Content

What do the Washington Post, BBC News, and New York Times have in common? They’re enriching the content presentation for links on their websites, using a tool called Apture. Rather than a simple static text link, Apture links trigger a pop-up window on mouse over that can display a wide variety of contextually related content.

SEO: 10 Link Temptations To Avoid

5″ />Google’s gold standard of whether or not a website should be ranked well continues to change over time, but for quite a while the best method has gone unchanged… relevant backlinks from legitimate, authoritative sites. On page Search Engine Optimization and lots of great content may get your site indexed for specific keywords, but quality backlinks will drive up its rank. Since backlinks have become a known commodity, many linking scams and services continue

Independence Day (from Billy Mays, ShamWow and HeadOn)

The television is often on in our home, but it’s usually background noise. If I do watch television, it’s usually the Discovery Channel. Today is a weekday, so I roamed the channels a few times. After a while, we just rented a movie. Here are 3 reasons why: ShamWow I hope this guy squints because someone poked him in the eye. HeadOn Self-prescribed after you see their commercial 47 times. Billy Mays The only thing

It’s Time to Change Email Marketing Strategies when…

Your emails look like this: Perhaps a subject line more compelling and personalized instead of “ChangeThis: Issue 46” Perhaps some line breaks so that I don’t have to wrap as I read (I didn’t read it, it was impossible). Perhaps Multi-part MIME emails to send text to those who want a plain look, but HTML to those of us who enjoy a well-designed email. Perhaps a compelling introduction? Perhaps some white space between topics to

My 10 Tips to Optimize Your Blog

Computer Shopper has an article on Optimizing Your Blog. The article has some advice that is useful but I don’t think they got their priorities right nor did they cover all the essentials. I’ve been steadily growing traffic to my blog over the last couple months. I’ve been carefully measuring my readership, the sources of my readers, and adjusting accordingly. I’ve learned a ton over the last few months. Here is my Top Ten: Don’t