Video: Search Engine Optimization for Startups

You finally got your startup off the ground but no one can find you in any search results. Since we work with a lot of startups, this is a huge issue… the clock is ticking and you need to get revenue. Getting found in search is much more economical than hiring an outbound team. However, Google isn’t too kind to a new domain. In this video, Maile Ohye from Google discusses what you can do

Integrating Digital Marketing into Your Sponsorship

Marketing sponsorships present significant value beyond brand visibility and website traffic. Sophisticated marketers today are looking to get the most out of sponsorships, and one way to do so is utilizing the benefits of search engine optimization. In order to improve marketing sponsorships with SEO, you need to identify the different sponsorship types available and the key criteria necessary in analyzing SEO value. Traditional Media – Print, TV, Radio Sponsorships through traditional media typically come

The Dramatic Impact of Online Visual Storytelling

There’s a reason why we use so much imagery here at Martech Zone… it works. While the textual content is the focus, the imagery balances the pages and provides a means for readers to get an instant impression of what is to come. Imagery is an understated strategy when it comes to developing your content. If you haven’t already – try to to provide an image for every single document, post or page on your

Content Science: Turn your Plain Jane links into Killer Contextual Content

What do the Washington Post, BBC News, and New York Times have in common? They’re enriching the content presentation for links on their websites, using a tool called Apture. Rather than a simple static text link, Apture links trigger a pop-up window on mouse over that can display a wide variety of contextually related content.

SEO: 10 Link Temptations To Avoid

5″ />Google’s gold standard of whether or not a website should be ranked well continues to change over time, but for quite a while the best method has gone unchanged… relevant backlinks from legitimate, authoritative sites. On page Search Engine Optimization and lots of great content may get your site indexed for specific keywords, but quality backlinks will drive up its rank. Since backlinks have become a known commodity, many linking scams and services continue